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Patients & Visitors

Patient Focused Care

Grady Memorial Hospital patients have access to advanced technology and a healthcare plan
specifically designed for their successful treatment and recovery. From admission until
discharge and beyond, Grady Memorial Hospital's teammates focus on exceptional care, close to home.
Grady Memorial Hospital, Five Oaks Family Medical Clinic, Five Oaks Medical Group, Rush Springs Family Medical Clinic, and Tuttle Family Medical Clinic have a Patient Portal. The portal gives patients, families and caregivers an active role in their care by providing quick, easy, and secure access to health and medical information, and simple communication with clinics and providers.
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Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

We want to encourage you, as a patient at Grady Memorial hospital, to speak openly with your health care team, and take part in your treatment choices, and promote your own safety by being well informed and involved in your case. We want you to know your rights, as well as your
responsibilities during your stay at our hospital, because we want you to think of yourself as a partner in your care. We invite you and your family to join us as active members of your health care team.


YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to receive considerate, respectful and compassionate care in a safe setting regardless of your age, gender, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or disabilities.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to receive care in a safe environment free from all forms of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be called by your proper name and to be in an environment that maintains dignity and adds to a positive self-image.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be told the names of your doctors, nurses, and all health care team members directing and/or providing your care.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have a family member or person of your choice and your own doctor notified promptly of your admission to the hospital.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have someone remain with you for emotional support during your hospital stay, unless your visitor's presence compromises yours or others' rights, safety or health.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to deny visitation at any time. You may verbally designate a Personal Representative to exercise your visitation rights on your behalf should you become unable to do so. Upon such designation by you, the legal status of the relationship between you, the patient, and Personal Representative shall be irrelevant.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be told by your doctor about your diagnosis and possible prognosis, the proposed treatment, the alternative to treatment, the benefits and risks of each alternative, including the recommended course of treatment, and the expected outcome of treatment, including unexpected outcomes.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be involved in your discharge plan. You can expect to be told in a timely manner of your discharge, transfer to another facility, or transfer to another level of care. Before your discharge, you can expect to receive information about follow-up care that you may need.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to receive detailed information about your hospital and physician charges.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be transferred to another healthcare facility to receive treatment or a service that is not provided at Grady Memorial Hospital.

YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND FRIENDS WITH YOUR PERMISSION, HAVE THE RIGHT to participate in decisions about your care, your treatment, and services provided to you, including the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law. If you elect to refuse treatment, you will be informed of the medical consequences of your decision. If you leave the hospital against the advice of your doctor, the hospital and doctors will not be responsible for any medical consequences that may occur.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to agree or refuse to take part in medical research studies. You may withdraw from a study at any time without impacting your access to standard care.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to five or refuse consent for recordings, photographs, films, or other images to be produced or used for internal or external purposes other than identification, diagnosis, or treatment. You have the right to withdraw consent up until a reasonable time before the item is used.

YOU CAN EXPECT full consideration of your privacy and confidentiality in care discussions, exams, and treatments. You may ask for an escort during any type of exam. You have the right to close the curtain around the bed or close the door anytime for privacy. Request confidential status to protect you identity as a hospitalized patient.

YOU CAN EXPECT that all communication and records about your care are confidential, unless disclosure is permitted by law. Access to personal health information is granted only to those directly involved in the delivery of your care and then, only to the extent required to care and treatment. You may approve or refuse the release of your personal health information deliver to any individual outside the hospital or the billing process.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to see or get a copy of your medical records. You may add or change information in your medical records by requesting an amendment to your medical records, contact the Medical Records Department for assistance and information on this process.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to execute a Living Will known in Oklahoma as an Advanced Directive for Healthcare and appoint someone to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to make these decisions. If you do not have an Advanced Directive, we will provide you with information and assist you in completing the form. If you have an Advanced Directive or sign one while in the hospital, a copy will be placed in your medical record.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to change, delete, or add to an Advanced Directive at any time. It is the recommendation of Grady Memorial Hospital that execute both an Advanced Directive and a Medical Power of Attorney. The Social Services department can assist you with the execution of these documents.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to communication that you can understand. The hospital will provide sign language and foreign language interpreters as needed at no cost. Information given will be appropriate to your age, understanding, and language. If you have vision, speech, hearing, and/or other impairments, you will receive additional aids to ensure that your care needs are met.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to give written informed consent before any non-emergency procedure begins.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to have your pain assessed and to be involved in decisions about treating your pain.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be free from restraint or seclusion in any form that is not medically required.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to access protective and advocacy services in cases of abuse or neglect. The hospital can provide a list of these resources.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to voice your concerns regarding the patient's right or the care received by the patient. If you have a problem or complaint, you may talk with your doctor, nurse manager, or department manager and the issue will be resolved. You may also contact the Risk Manager at (405)779-2287 or via email or Hospital Administration at (405)779-2150 or via email
You have the right to express your grievances directly
to the: Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 N.E. 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299
Telephone: 1-800-234-7258


YOU ARE EXPECTED to provide complete and accurate information, including your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, Social Security number, insurance carrier, and employer when it is required.

YOU ARE EXPECTED to provide complete and accurate information about your health and medical history, including your present condition, past illnesses, hospital stays, medications, and any other matters that pertain to your health, including any perceived safety risks.

YOU SHOULD provide the hospital or your doctor with a copy of your Advanced Directive and Medical Power of Attorney if available.

YOU ARE EXPECTED to ask questions when you do not understand information or instructions. If you believe you cannot follow through with your treatment plan, you are responsible for informing your doctor. You are responsible for the outcomes if you do not follow the care, treatment, and service plan.

YOU ARE EXPECTED to understand fully the role that you play in your health care as well as understanding your health problems. If there is anything that you do understand, ask any member of your health care team to explain it to you. Your doctor and nurses need to know
about any changes in your health and need to be informed of the effectiveness of treatment and if the plan of care cannot be maintained.

YOU ARE EXPECTED to treat all hospital staff, other patients, and visitors with courtesy and respect; abide by all hospital rules and safety regulation; and be mindful of noise levels, privacy and number of visitors.

YOU ARE EXPECTED to provide complete and accurate information about your health insurance coverage and to pay your bills in a timely manner.

YOU ARE ASKED to leave valuables at home and bring only necessary items for your hospital stay.