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John M. Williams, M.D.
Cuong Nguyen, M.D. (Visiting Doctor)
Timothy Thomas, DPM (Visiting Doctor)
George Obinero, D.O.
Robert Gunderson, D.O. (Visiting Doctor)
Zane Uhland, D.O. (Visiting Doctor)
Devon J. Muncy, PA-C
Virginia Harr, M.D.
Delanie Berry, FNP-C
Rory Troub, D.C.
Kristi Keller, APRN-CNP
Abby Housman, D.O.
Marcus Smith, M.D. (Visiting Doctor)
Miguel Tovar, D.O. (Visiting Doctor)
Deacon Vice, D.O.
Jon M. Brown, APRN-CRNA
Sibin Nair, M.D.
Bradley Wilson, M.D. (Visiting Doctor)
Mary Ross, PA-C
Bridget Bryan, D.O.
Lucas Toho, M.D.
Don R. Hess, M.D.
Jeremy Campbell, D.O.
Mitchell D. Coppedge, M.D.
Nicole Dodson, D.O.
Kimberly Weaver, M.D. (Visiting Doctor)
Diadra Lorseh, PA-C
Dustin Tedesco, M.D.
Kale Melton, D.O.
Jeremy Cheatwood, PA-C
Christopher Green, DPM (Visiting Doctor)
Laura Kadechuk, PA-C
Aman Garsa, M.D.
Misti Heston, ARNP-FNP
Amish R. Patel, D.O.
Kylie Lee, FNP
Bahiru Mekete, M.D.
Kevin Anderson, D.O.
Juan Cornejo, M.D. (Visiting Doctor)
Abigail Brown, PA
Ryan R. Knapp, M.D.
Thomas Jarvis, D.O.
Robert Buchanan, M.D
Bruce Storms, M.D.
Alaina Jones, DPM (Visiting Doctor)
James W. Stephens, D.O.
Amy Ferrell, FNP
Katie Dudley, APRN, FNP-C (Visiting Provider)
Jeffery A. Buyten, M.D. (Visiting Doctor)
Jeffrey Miller, M.D.


Grady Memorial Hospital is a rural hospital, licensed to operate 49 acute care beds and fully accredited by CMS. It anchors a healthcare network that includes a 24-hour physician-staffed emergency department and specialized medical and surgical services, and employs a staff of more than 300 healthcare professionals.


Grady Memorial Hospital and Five Oaks Medical Group Continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation on a daily basis

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has created an online COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler Portal. Appointment scheduling will not be available until Thursday, January 7, 2021. However, individuals can preregister on the site.

The portal can be found at:

Grady Memorial Hospital and Five Oaks are working in partnership with the Oklahoma State Health Department, with guidance and instruction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We will continually update our webpage with any new information.

Coronavirus Call Center: (877) 215-8336.
Disaster Distress Hotline (800) 985-5990.

2-1-1 Statewide COVID-19 Hotline

Patients & Visitors

Patient Focused Care

Grady Memorial Hospital patients have access to advanced technology and a healthcare plan
specifically designed for their successful treatment and recovery. From admission until
discharge and beyond, Grady Memorial Hospital's teammates focus on exceptional care, close to home.
Grady Memorial Hospital, Five Oaks Family Medical Clinic, Five Oaks Medical Group, Rush Springs Family Medical Clinic, and Tuttle Family Medical Clinic are pleased to announce our new Patient Portal. This interactive web portal will empower patients and their families to take a more active role in their care by providing easy, secure access to their health information and online communication with Clinic staff.
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