Public Trust

Grady Memorial Hospital is operated under the Grady Memorial Hospital Authority, an Oklahoma Public Trust.

Directing the Authority are seven trustees who are appointed by the Commissioners of Grady County.

Grady Memorial Hospital Trustees

District I, Northern Grady County
Brenda Miller
     Minco, OK

Calvin Woodworth
     Minco, OK

District II, Central Grady County
Chris Angel
     Chickasha, OK

Heather Witt, Vice-Chairman
     Chickasha, OK

District III, Southern Grady County
Denver Talley, Chairman
     Chickasha, OK

Raymond H. Rust
     Rush Springs, OK

Thomas Essex, D O.
     Chickasha, OK


As required by Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, Title 25, the dates of all regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Trustees for Grady Memorial Hospital for the coming year are given below. All meetings are held at 3:00 p.m. in the Hospital Boardroom.

December 18, 2018 Board Agenda
November 20, 2018 Board Agenda
October 23, 2018 Board Agenda
September 25, 2018 Board Agenda
August 21, 2018 Board Agenda
July 24, 2018 Board Agenda
June 19, 2018 Board Agenda
May 22, 2018 Board Agenda
April 24, 2018 Board Agenda
March 20, 2018 Board Agenda
February 20, 2018 Board Agenda
January 29, 2019 Board Agenda