Monday - Friday:
Breakfast 6:45 am-10 am
Lunch 10:45 am-2 pm
Dinner 4:45 pm-6 pm

Breakfast 6:45am - 1pm

During Lunch & Dinner: House Made Soup, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Deli Sandwiches available.

Grady Cafe week 3/17-3/23

Monday: Mac and cheese bar. Our house made mac and cheese with your choice of toppings like bacon, jalapenos, spicy sausage, diced chicken, BBQ beef....
we will also offer BBQ beef sandwich $3.20, Bratwurst $2 on a bun $2.50, sweet potato fries, buffalo fries and broccoli

Tuesday: Breakfast all day with hot cereal! We will add chicken fried veal $3 and grilled asparagus.

Wednesday: Portobello pizzas $4.90, cheese stick $1.50 ea, Taco bowl by weight with rice or chips or both, corn, capri style vegetables.

Thursday: Fried chicken priced by the piece, Grilled pork chops $4, waffle fries, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and dragon bites!

Friday: Our house fried fish $1.25, Fried chicken cordon bleu $3.20, Garlic butter baked fish $3, seasoned rice, fried potatoes, hush puppies, creamed spinach, jalapeno coleslaw, chuck wagon corn.