Monday - Friday:
Breakfast 6:45 am-10 am
Lunch 10:45 am-2 pm
Dinner 4:45 pm-6 pm

Breakfast 6:45am - 1pm

During Lunch & Dinner: House Made Soup, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Deli Sandwiches available.

Grady Cafe Menu for the week of November 11-17

Monday: Baked beef tacos, $2, Burrito $1.50, Small chicken Quesadilla $2.50, Nachos, refried beans, tomato rice, cheese sauce, chili, chuck wagon corn, broccoli

Tuesday: Chicken fried veal $3, Mozzarella chicken (breast w/marinara & mozzarella) $4, cheese stick $1.50, pasta w/marinara, mashed potatoes and gravy, Normandy blend vegetables, sweet peas

Wednesday: Lamb/beef gyro $4, Grilled pork chop $4, crispito $1.50, couscous w/raisins, fried potatoes, cumin spiced carrots, roasted cauliflower, baklava $1.50

Thursday: Breakfast all day to include Ham steak $2.50, chicken strip $1, chicken fritter $3, grilled asparagus

Friday: Fried fish, citrus grill swai filet $3, Double cheese burger (2-1/4lb patties w/american cheese) $4, bagel dog $1.50, Hush puppies, tater tots, seasoned rice, 5 way vegetable blend and Bermuda blend.